Pinions and Gears

Double Helical Gear 01
Double Helical Gear 01
Turning boring milling machining and assembly performed.
Material: laminated forged steel.
Dimensions: Ø 6000 x 950 mm M48 weight 18 ton.
For italian customer, installed in a production plant in Germany.
Double Helical Gear 02
Double Helical Gear 02
Turned, bored and milled, assembly of inner and outer rings by welding, double helical gear teeth cut.
Ultrasonic test + dye pen test + dimensional report as required in rule DIN CLASS 7.
Material outer ring: Rolled forged steel.
Material inner ring: Rolled steel + oxy acetylene plate cutting.
Dimensions: Height 2', Dia. 12 ½'', weight 11 tons.
For an customer in Italy.
Double Helical Pinion
Double Helical Pinion
Turning and teeth cutting.
Dimensional report with 3D Zeiss machine.
Material: 39NICRMO3.
Dimensions: Length 2', Dia. 2 ½'.
For a customer in Italy.