Pinions and Gears

Double Helical Gear
Double Helical Gear
Turned, bored and milled, assembly of inner and outer rings by welding, double helical gear teeth cut.
Ultrasonic test + dye pen test + dimensional report as required in rule DIN CLASS 7.
Material outer ring: Rolled forged steel.
Material inner ring: Rolled steel + oxy acetylene plate cutting.
Dimensions: Height 2', Dia. 12 ½'', weight 11 tons.
For an customer in Italy.
Double Helical Pinion
Double Helical Pinion
Turning and teeth cutting.
Dimensional report with 3D Zeiss machine.
Material: 39NICRMO3.
Dimensions: Length 2', Dia. 2 ½'.
For a customer in Italy.